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About Audio Imagery Design, LLC

   In 2009, after gaining over 15 years of experience in the audio video world, Aaron Hatch decided it was time to launch his own A/V Company, which was originally named Audio Imagery and then became AudioImageryDesign, LLC. Over the years Hatch’s path unfolded to direct him to his present course. After playing in a band in high school and becoming keenly interested in audio systems, Hatch attended the University of North Texas, receiving a BA in Radio Television & Film in 1999. Since UNT is such a prestigious music school, he continued to play and inevitably work with and for musicians. However, in addition to playing music, he set out to learn all he could about sound and system flow. After acquiring extensive experience in live sound production, he was offered a touring sound engineering position with a local rock band, Deep Blue Something, eventually becoming their tour manager. With duties of tour managing and engineering mounting, Hatch soon became very business oriented. Although he continued to mix and record live sound, he also established his own recording studio. Not long after, he was offered a position at an animation voice-over studio in Ft. Worth. He then began using his studio talents to record actors, over-dubbing a little show called DragonBall for Cartoon Network. Eventually Hatch was running the three recording studios, overseeing and training engineers on proper mic placement, acoustical treatment, gain structure, Pro-Tools operation, and syncing with analog video tape machines. Thinking forward to the formation of his own company, he left to become an independent contractor, designing sound and video systems for studios, clubs, and restaurants. However, after realizing the “feast or famine” of independent contracting, he took a position at a nationwide, multi-million dollar, audio video integration company. Within six months, Hatch quickly advanced through the ranks of Installer, Field Tech, and Field Engineer to Project Engineer, although advancing that swiftly scarcely ever happens in that company. After five years of designing millions of dollars in audio video and control systems for houses of worship, stadiums, corporate board rooms, and medical facilities, Hatch realized his significant value and distinguished abilities, and set out on his own once more. He built another recording studio in his new home, designed and installed multiple systems in local bars, homes, and restaurants, and then founded his own A/V company. In 2010 he attended business classes, tackled the tax code, and formed AudioImageryDesign, LLC.   As founding member of AID, he has designed and completed projects in both the public and private sectors, working with Institutions of Higher Education, government agencies, large corporations, private businesses, and houses of worship. Having forged relationships with these various entities, Aaron Hatch has grown AID into a full-service, audio visual and control system, consulting, design, and integration company.